Sunday 2 November 2014

Lest We Forget

Remembrance Day is always a tough one to address with our younger students in class. The concept of war to them is what they get to do on their PlayStation 4 or Xboxes when they get home from school. They can luckily turn those things off and get up the next day and do it all over again. However, the men and women that took up the cause of World War I and World War II weren't so lucky.

So how do we go about explaining the war to our students? Do we tell them the truth that greed got the best of a few men and it led to them making bad choices and thus the loss of life for hundreds and thousandths of people? While it seems simple enough to explain it this way the war was much more complicated. So it is alright, to be brief about the war because as our students get older they will have the chance to study the history behind the war. What we really need to teach our younger children is the concept of Remembrance.

This year Remembrance day will hit a little closer to home for students of Ontario and Quebec as we saw two young solider recently lose their lives for just simply wearing the armed forces uniform in the past two weeks. Did these men deserve to lose their lives because they are proud Canadians and valued our country's beliefs more than their own? The answer is simple. No, they did not. Yet, they their bravery and sacrifice to keep the rest of us safe should not be and will not be forgotten. Nor, should those that served in World War I and World War II and more recently Afghanistan.

I am a proud Canadian and for this upcoming Remembrance Day my class will be looking at the concept of Remembrance and what does it mean. We will be looking at those true heroes of Canada and remember their great sacrifice so we could learn about them 100 years after they fact. We will also be doing it with our Remembrance Day package that we recently created and put up on our site. Please take a look at it and help also teach this concept we need to have so many of our students learn.

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