Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Holiday Giveaway

Ho Ho Ho, ah yes it is that time of year again. The festive season!! If you are like the rest of us in Canada you are bracing for the snow that comes with Christmas time. Let's be honest it is not a true Christmas until there is snow. However, did you know that there is quite a few countries around the world that don't get snow during the holidays.

Take for instance Argentina. They are below the equator and celebrate the holiday similar to us however they use cotton balls to simulate snow on their decorations. How about in Australia they celebrate Christmas during their summer, Santa gets so hot down there he changes into shorts and t-shirt and also uses "6 tiny boomers" to give his reindeer a break. How about in Belgium where the kids are visited not just by Santa but also his assistant Zwarte Piet.

Grab your passport and travel the wonderful ways that 12 different nations celebrate this great holiday with our new package "Christmas around the world" In this package you will learn about Argentina, Australia, Belgium, China, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, Mexico, Sweden, Israel, Africa, USA/Canada. You will also get to complete a traditional activity that each one of these nations par takes in during the holiday season. As well don't forget to have the students record what they learned about in their own passports which is included in the package.

If not looking at the holidays around the world of interest how about finding 15 different ways to give back to your school before the holidays. Remember it is not always about what you get but rather what you give. You can find an advent calendar type print out to put up in your classroom with our 15 Days of Giving activity.

Happy holidays or as they say in Argentina "Feliz Navidad"
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