Saturday, 27 June 2015

Friday's News

So today's news is brought to you by Saturday.  Yesterday Jeff and I both spent the day cleaning out our classrooms.  I think it's safe to say each year we forget how big this job is, ugh!

After clearing out of my room I went to visit my new rooms and begin the task of planning how to organize for each of them.  I hesitate to plan too much because our student numbers are still shifting which means I could be switching assignments come fall.  

Here's one room I will be sharing with a teaching partner. Pretty bare. Notice the lack of shelving. There's some just outside of this picture, but not enough in my opinion.

Here's my other room.  I will be part SERT (Special Education Resource Teacher).  I plan to work in classrooms and pull small groups into my office here.  This is how it was left.  Do I change it around? Do I leave things as is? What is the best set up for my kiddos?

...the biggest hurdle is the windows.  I find myself distracted by anyone walking by, so how do I keep the students on task when kids walk by? The previous teacher had paper up to block the windows (green and blue sheets in pic) , but I'm not sure if I can find something that looks a little nicer, or just leave things as is.  

Thoughts? Ideas?  I would love to hear what you might do with this little space to accommodate the windows and distractions.

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