Friday, 15 January 2016

Friday's News

Another week in the books and up here it was a bit of a snowy one. OF course even with our PJ's on inside out and a spoon under our pillows we couldn't muster a snow day. Don't get us wrong we love our job but hey who doesn't love a snow day here and there.

Jeff has been working his way through his light and sound unit with his grade four science classes. Here are some pictures of the classes performing some of the experiments laid out in the unit.

Jeff also started teaching his students the lost art of cursive writing. This has been a big hit in his class and when the students have free time they've been using this booklet to practice. They loved the idea of signing their names at then end of the letters that they wrote to famous people. 

How did your week go? What tricks of the trade did you use to make it through the week? 


  1. Great update! I love that you're teaching cursive writing, for my third graders, learning to cursive write is always a highlight of their year. This was a week of finding new outlets for all of their energy, but I love how that energy means they are SO enthusiastic about any topic I introduce. Thanks for the link-up!
    - Rachel

  2. What a fun linky! I found it in the Seller's Forum on TpT. I so enjoyed visiting all the blogs, reading about their weeks. Do you do this every Friday, once a week? I would love to join in the next one!

    Hope you get your snow day soon. We had two last week and it looks like we might have one tomorrow!