Sunday, 20 July 2014

Does your word wall appeal to all your students?

Maybe you are like us and have started to review that list of new students coming your way in a short few weeks. You've skimmed through their files, discovered about who they are the best you can from a report. Now comes the tricky part, how can we reach and teach them in the best possible way. One thing we both have in common is the large amount of diagnosed and undiagnosed students to consider in our classes. When setting up a classroom it's important to keep these students in mind. Although a cute and flashy set of word wall words can be fun to look at, does the student with ADHD find them as beautiful as we do, or are they too busy for them to find the word they are looking for? How about our students with vision problems? Something, covered with clutter can make it hard to pick out what they need. Or how about that student with chunking or processing issues? Letters and words in different fonts might be really hard for them to read what they need. So we created this simple yet eye pleasing set of capital and lower case alphabet set and Dolch words (find it on our TPT site) like to accompany it.
To help your students really use this alphabet and word wall list, try laminating the words, then adding magnets to the back.  Now students can take the word off the word wall that they need to copy, then return it when they are done.  They can even try making sentences with the word wall words on the white board to further stretch their thinking and learning. 

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