Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Production of Writing

If your classes are anything like the ones I've experienced in the past and I bet they are then when it comes to writing it's a huge massive production. With the amount of effort behind getting a student to sit down and actually write about a topic you probably sometimes feel like a director of the next summer blockbuster movie. The student they are your erratic and sometimes moody star. With that being said here is one of the newer products we have in our TPT store "The Production of Writing" posters.

With the production of writing posters students get a visual reminder of what they need to include in their writing pieces as they work their way through the process. There are five levels in the production of writing:

  1. Prewrite - Selecting a topic and making a list about that topic
  2. Write - This is that dreaded but sometimes fun first draft
  3. Revise - This is the part when you as the teacher or the student look for ways to improve
  4. Edit - This is making all those nice last minute changes to it make it the best piece possible
  5. Publish - The end product
Now comes the fun part. Stickers!! Ok still got your attention. If you don't want use stickers you can use markers as well. You just need to make sure you have 5 different colours. Use these colours to help identify each stage. As students progress along the writing process they can use the colour to identify what stage their at. It can also help you as the teacher with anecdotal notes. OR even better as you practice it more with your students you can just place the colours on their writing and they will already know where they need to improve upon their writing. 

So head on over to our store if you want to take a look at the rest of the posters to help your students improve on their writing. 

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