Friday, 1 August 2014

About Me with a Different Twist

So that first week of school is all about a feeling out process. You are thinking and asking how many coffees do I need to get through the day as well wondering if it's alright to take a nap when you get home after each school day. Meanwhile, your students are wondering how many days until their next summer break. While it seems like the both of you have different ideas on one thing you do have in common is that you both need to get to know each other. Now, this could be done simply with a sheet, poster, or a booklet. What we have created is an About Me with a tech twist. Now if we could hand you all an iPad and teacher your kids how to code then this About Me App idea would be a jackpot of an idea and we would probably be lining up to pitch the idea to the Shark Tank show. However, that's not likely so instead here is our product "The About Me App"

The All About Me App activity is a booklet for your students to create an app that tells you and their new peers all about them. Subjects in the booklet cover things like favourite subjects in school, what they did in the summer, and family members. There is even a section for reviews just like in the App store where students can reviews their peers book let and let them know what they thought about it.

Again, if I could give everyone an iPad and teach you all how to code I would do that but in the meantime try out this booklet and see if you have any coders in your class as your read all about them.

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