Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Why Wenesday

A big thanks to  Blog Hoppin' for bring us Why Wednesday.

So with having two teachers in the house bouncing around from grade to grade, we have devised a system for organizing all our stuff. This may not look pretty, or colour coded, but it works for us.

I this picture we have divided up our stuff based on resources, grade types, and miscellaneous.  Jeff and I know where to look when we need to grab something quick. I think my favourite part of our open book system is that it's quick and easy to find.  I used to keep my books and binders in boxes, but found I would forget what I had and where.   

This is how we organize our books.  It doesn't look pretty right now in our basement, but soon the bins we use will on shelves.  Each bin has a label on the front for kids to know what books go where.  For example, All Robert Munch books go in the Robert Munch bin with the picture and label of Robert Munch on the front. 
What you can't see in this picture is that each book also has a smaller version of the same label that's on on the front of the bins.  This makes it easy for students who are emergent readers to know where to put the books away if they are unable to read the title.  
We try ot keep our books fresh and interesting and as more come into our library, we toss out the old ones that can't be saved by packing tape.

So here's my favourite way to pack up math manipulative or art supplies.  I love these clear bins.  I got a ton a Walmart. Jeff thought I was crazy.  However, they are easy to stack and I can always see what I need.  

 We are also going to share with you our favourite way to organize language.  Thanks to The 2 Sisters who wrote The Daily 5 my life teaching language is some much clearer.  You can get a version of "The Daily 5" book that comes with a CD of all the resources you need to get started. Although I love my technology, I find the easy way to get individualized learning goals is by using the Daily 5.

Here is a look at some of the resources they share with you.  I went out and got a big binder to put all the originals in.  I made sure to label each section so I can find things quickly.  In the back of my Daily 5 book I keep dividers labelled A-Z.  I then organized the sheets I use with my students in alphabetical order so they are easy to find during parent and teacher conferences.
 Label everything.  Makes life so much easier when you are on the run.

I love that the Daily 5 includes suggestions on how to set up your literacy block.

Here is a quick glance at the conferencing sheets.  I swear by these sheets. 

Good luck organizing everyone!

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