Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Book Talk Tuesday

Thank you, Aunt Tallulah!

By Carmela LaVigna

We love this book for many reasons.  First, we love this book because it came from our famous Aunt Nancy, who is known for giving our daughter her most beloved books. Second, we love this book for it’s great sense of humour.  Last, we love this book because it’s a great way to introduce letter writing to your students.

The book starts off with Bettina sending her Aunt Tallulah a letter from camp.  In her letter Bettina thanks her Aunt for the crazy coloured sweater and scarf.

Next we meet Aunt Tallulah.  She is in Antarctica with her husband, Reginald. 

 The two continue to write letters back and forth while Aunt Tallulah sends more outrageous coloured articles for Bettina to wear. 

At one point Aunt Tallulah sends Bettina a pair of mitts and some how a penguin seems to get into the packaging.  Students now get the pleasure of looking to see if they can spot the sneaky penguin on the next few pages.

This book isn’t just a great way to introduce letter writing, it’s has an underlining tone of how wonderful it is to be unique. 

We give this book an RclassroomsRus Salute!


  1. Sounds like a great book - will definitely remember it when we look at letter writing! Thanks!
    Growing Little Learners

  2. I'm an aunt myself, so this would be a great gift idea for later! Thank you for sharing!