Friday, 22 August 2014

What Friday!

Wow. What a week. Thank you Blog Hoppin for getting this week long linky going. 

Here's what we teach.
Jeff is teaching part time grade 3/4 as well as SERT (Special Education Resource Teacher)
I am teaching part time grade 3 and planning time.  

If you have ever been a planning time teacher before, you know the craziness of running from one class to the next.  You may also be able to relate wearing different "hats", meaning you need your kindergarten teacher voice period 1 then your strict grade 6 voice period 2.  It can be a lot.  So here are some of the resources we use to keep up organized. 

Jeff and I are both teaching language this year.  We plan to use our "Production of Writing" to help students understand the writing process.

 In this picture we have our "Production of Writing" posters.  This helps to remind the students what step of the writing process they are working on, as well as what comes next.

In this picture you can see one of our free products on our website.  Jeff went and had them enlarged at Staples.  They are up in the room and let students know how they can achieve a higher grade.

As for me, I also have to teach gym. AHHHHHH.  My gym ranges from kindies to grade 5.  So how am I handling this?  Well first I did a little freaking out.  Then I asked Jeff, the sports pro, to make up some gym circuit activities to help me survive the first few weeks until I get a handle on everything.  

If you are feeling like me, and are in need of a gym circuit package just click on the picture below and see if this is something that may help you.  

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