Thursday, 21 August 2014

When Thursday

Today we are linking up with Blog Hoppin' to bring you When Thursday.

While Jeff is setting up his new classroom, I have the luxury of sharing a room with someone this year.  When I walked into the room this week, the decor was already up, the bulletin boards were covered, and everything was looking pretty good.  So I have moved onto planning for the first week or two.  

I will start off by showing you my schedule for the year.  I have gone down to .85 so I can try and find that balance between being a good mother, wife and teacher.  So when you look at my schedule you will see blank spots at the end of the day.  

For Language I am teaching Grade 3.  My teaching partner will be focused on reading while I focus on writing. I also get to teach my favourite subject, Science, with my 3's.  

After I have my weekly schedule, I break down the day into what we will be doing.  Here's a glance at my Day 1.  Since I am a rotary teacher for the other part of my day, I take this page with me on a clip board where ever I go so I know what's coming next. 
So there's a quick look at how I keep my day in order.  For my students I use a Daily Schedule keep their day in order.  For example, I have a schedule I keep at the front board so students can see what's coming next. I find this helpful since students know what's coming next.  

Can't wait to read everyone else's When Thursday.  Hop on over to Blog hoppin' to catch up on how other teachers are staying organized.

Happy Planning Everyone!

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