Monday, 18 August 2014

Monday: "Who'"

HI Everyone, We are hooking up with to tell you a little bit more about us.  Although we have already shared a lot about ourselves, we will try and think of some new things you may not know.  So here we go....

We are Libby and Jeff from RclassroomsRus.  Jeff and I are a husband and wife team who have decided to enter the TPT/Blogging world together.  Libby is the spontaneous one.  For example, several years ago her BF Lori called her up and said, "Hey, got this really great book.  It says anyone can run a marathon in just four months.  We're anyone.  You game?"  And sure enough Libby and Lori went from never running, to running a marathon in just four months.  It wasn't until they hit up their local Running Room that they discovered not all people go about training for marathons this way. 

Libby is also the creative one.  She likes to paint, make jewellery, and play guitar.  You can often catch her and our daughter making up crazy songs and sharing lots of laughs.

Then there's Jeff.  Since every Ying needs a Yang, Jeff is the realist in the family.  He the responsible one who everyone can depend on.  When he's not spending time with our family, he is often involved in some sort of sport.  To say he is sports obsessed might be and understatement.  He loves Baseball, Football, Hockey (I think that's a given when your Canadian), and just about anything else that is on TSN.  He recently got our daughter into hockey and enjoys sharing his love of sports with her. 

Together that makes us Libby and Jeff.

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