Monday, 4 August 2014

A Little Friendly Competition During the TPT Sale

The Back to School Sale has started on TPT.  This is our first time participating in it.  Now I'm going to tell you what's happening behind the scenes. As a husband and wife team we sometimes have a tendency to drum up a little competition between the two of us.  Here's how it goes...  First we both deny that we are competing with each other.  We will hear that a sale has happened, and with our best poker face, give a "Congrats" to the person who made the item.  So far we have our game faces on.

Below is one Jeff and one Libby item.  

Daily Schedule

Posters: Writing Process

We won't tell you which one belongs to who, but feel free to show your support by purchasing the item that best suits you. 

Results to follow when the sale ends.

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