Friday, 17 October 2014

Trick or Treat!!

Trick or treat!! Here's a treat for you!  A free Halloween product!

and here's your chance to get another treat.....

When it comes to Halloween it's always a treat to have the day fall on a school day much like this year. Not only does your classroom typically get filled with treats for the students and of course yourself. It is often covered in colour and imagination. Both things are often brought to your classroom by your amazing students who are dressed as their favourite ghost, ghoul, princess, or minion.

One of our favourite traditions is having a classroom party.  Each student brings some treats on the big day.  It's great to spend some time together enjoying sweets, watching Monsters Inc., and doing some fun desk work.

In the past, we have asked our students to do the following booklet to help make Halloween a fun and learning atmosphere throughout the day.

Our package, includes things such as a colour by numbers Frankenstein where we ask kids to answer the math problems and then match their answers with the corresponding colour need to make him come to life.

After that they can show you what they look like on Halloween as they draw themselves in their costume.

To get your students writing and making connections they can draw a spooky house using their amazing imaginations then follow it up with a story about their spooky house like this student as done. Beware of houses with green slime dripping from them. They might need some work done before you can move in :)

Finally, we like to have some fun with Mad Libs. Depending, where you are in terms of teaching parts of speech Mad Libs is a great way to teach the use of verbs, adverbs, adjectives, etc. and how they play a role in writing. We have a Halloween Mad Lib that can really get your reluctant writers off to a great start by creating a fun story about Halloween while also incorporating you, and some of their classmates as a part of their story.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. I love the funny story idea! Monsters Inc is a great choice, it is not to scary for the little ones. Happy Halloween!

  2. Love the Mad Libs idea!! My grade 5s LOVED them! I'll have to remember to pull them out with the 2/3s!

  3. I love the Mad Libs too. My grade 1's are too young to really get them but my own sixth grade daughter loves them.
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