Thursday, 1 January 2015

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Recently my class and I finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a class book. This Roald Dahl classic is a personal favourite of mine and it quickly became a favourite of the students as well. As we read the book we had centres that corresponded with events going on in the book. It was sort of telling me what the students where comprehending and also allowing them to apply their own creative touches to it.

Well the results where stunning. We had a total of 10 centres that each students participated in. Anywhere from creating their own Golden Ticket,

to creating a newspaper story of Charlie winning his ticket,

 and making warning signs for the guests of the factory to follow.

The one centre the students loved the most was the "Wonka Mystery". In this particular centre the students had to tell me a story of what Willy Wonka was really doing when no one had heard from him all those years. We got responses such as creating Minecraft under an alias name to being a stage hand for Taylor Swift. It was amazing to watch and hear.

I guess you could say they where using their pure imagination like Gene Wilder sang about in the original movie.

When the students finished all of the centres they created their own Chocolate factory. I have them a piece of bristol board and they folded the paper to give you the illusion of the gates that Wonka had out front. Inside of their factory they glued in all of the great activities they completed in the centre. Below you can see some of the many great ones that the students did. When they handed in their factories we celebrated with watching the original movie and of course a chocolate party. In all it took about a month to complete everything. If your interested in having your own party and factory building session then head over to our store and purchase the novel study with the centres and rubric attached. 


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