Friday, 16 January 2015

Friday's News

Happy Friday everyone!

I love when students are reading in class. I've been pretty fortunate this year that my current class loves to read. However, sometimes I feel they are reading without purpose. I am noticing this because it comes out in their writing. I know weird eh! Reading can play a role in a students writing. Yet, it is true and I think most of you would agree. The more a student reads the better their writing level tends to be.

Talking to some of my peers in the staffroom we all felt we wanted to see our students write with more descriptive words. You can only say a "fuzzy dog" so many times in your writing. As well you can only mark that so many times before you want to take a pen to your eyeball.

Starting next week I am going to be putting up a series of papers in my classroom that replica waves from an ocean. One reason, is I am hoping that it will make my room feel summer like cause here in Canada we are stuck in the drab snowy weather. Secondly, I am going to use the wave for kids to place descriptive words from their reading. I will have a series of surfboards on my desk. When a student finds a descriptive word they will get a surfboard and write the word on the surfboard then we will place it on the waves.

Will this work? I hope so! I am hoping that we will see more descriptive words and that it will help establish some exciting written responses. I will keep you posted.

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