Friday, 24 April 2015

Friday News

I hope everyone had a great week like us. One of my students had a brush with greatness which was very exciting to be a part of. So let's take a look at some of the stuff that took place this week.

So I teach three different sections of grade 4 science. I was looking for some new ways to get some assessments for the classes. I came across a great site called EDpuzzle. On this site you can set up a classroom very similar to Google Classroom. Then you can place a video where the class and students can go in and watch them and then answer questions you make up for them on the video. The best part is that you can totally alter the video so you can make it shorter or even add your own voice over videos that might not be in english. It's a clever little site that I am excited to explore some more. 
Back in January I challenged my students to write a letter to someone who inspired them. It was a great way to practice the skill of letter writing. Many of my students picked a variety of people and of course we saw the typical selections like Taylor Swift, One Direction, and Demi Lovato. Some of the kids are starting to get responses from the people they selected. One of our students got a package from author Robert Munch two weeks ago. However, this week we got one of the coolest packages in our classroom from our famous people. In my mail slot I had this really long envelope that clearly stated not to bend. I wasn't sure what was in their but I flipped it over to be stunned at who it was from. I took it up to the classroom immediately and showed the student who it was addressed to. Instantly, there was a grin from ear to ear and course an excessive amount of jumping. Which is funny because the person she wrote to is known for his jumping ability. Her famous person was NBA great Michael Jordan. Well here is the picture of what his "Airness" sent to my grade 3 student. 

Yeah that is signed!!! So cool!!! I was one extremely jealous teacher. 

Finally I've been working on Non-Fiction writing with my students for the past few weeks and created an assignment around the great "I Survived" book series. The series is based on real historical events but tells a fictional story in relation to the real events. My students have been absolutely hooked. They have no finished reading their selected books which they partner read. Now they are working on researching the actual event then creating an interactive Google Slides presentation. Here are some great photos of them working together. 

How did your week go?

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