Friday, 17 April 2015

Friday's News

In our next of the woods we had a four day week thanks to a PD day. However, like every four day week it was jam packed with lots of things.

Last weekend, Jeff attended the Google Apps for Education summit in town. There was over 900 educators who also attended the amazing event. The guest speakers who came to present came from all over the place and their ideas of how to implement EdTech in the classroom was simply amazing. Jeff attempted to successfully implement one new thing a day this week(come back next week to see some of the cool things he did)
Jeff also started his grade 4 science unit on Pulleys and Gears. Some of the things included giving the students a perspective of how gears work by travelling around a race track with an F1 car as it changes through high speeds and its gears. The kids loved it.

The kids also had a chance to recreate a water well after watching some villagers in Peru who made one for $35 with materials they found around the village. However, I supplied the materials for the kids and gave them price values for the materials they could buy. Here are some of the samples of what they produced. 
Here is a video of one group's attempt

Finally, in Jeff's class he showed them a great presentation on Growth Mindset, challenging them to try and always push themselves and not take the easy way out of things. His student all came up with things that have "YET" to accomplish and then they placed them all on the wall to see. His students are now working towards trying to complete these goals. They are also learning celebrate their mistakes.

How was your week?

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