Friday, 15 May 2015

Friday's News

Wow what a quick week. They all seem to be heading that way as we rapidly get closer and closer to the end of school. Well, I am keeping focused on finishing out this year strong and getting those last minute notes and marks for reports, I am also looking at new things I would like to incorporate next year as a full time thing.

One of the things that I've started to do recently is use video in the classroom. I've created my own Youtube channel and have started to post videos of things going on in the classroom. It's been a fantastic way to re-cap a day or a period of time for students. It also has been excellent in the fact that many of the students have had a chance to see how they act and present in the classroom. As well parents have access to the videos as well and it's creating amazing conversations at home between parent and child (well that's what parents are telling me. It might be something different for the kids ;) Any video I post with a kid that includes their face I make private but videos that have no faces in them are posted publicly.

I am really looking forward to the different way to use this awesome tool next year in the classroom. Is there anything you are looking forward to experimenting with our using in the classroom next year? Share them here.

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