Friday, 10 July 2015

Friday's News

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday.....I think. Yes, I have to admit my first "what day of the week is it" moment happened this week. You know because when your on summer holidays everyday tends to feel like a Saturday. Luckily though we where able to figure out what day it was early in the week when Jeff got to complete a bucket list item.

On Tuesday, we got a chance to see the small little quartet out of Dublin, Ireland also known as U2. I don't maybe you've heard of them. For Jeff this was a must, Libby not so much. However, by the end of the show she was entertained enough. Here are some photos and videos from their performance.

Jeff, has finally cracked into his summer reading cause hey who doesn't love themselves some summer reading. The first book he is currently reading is "Drive" by Daniel H. Pink. While, the book mainly focuses on working with those in the business sector a lot of the same principles work for dealing with students. So far he's been pretty impressed and has a few new ideas for his classroom next year.

Later on today, we will be watching our daughter perform in her first play. This entire week she has been participating in a drama camp. Each night she has come home with so much excitement for what she has learned that she begged us to sign her up for another week. I think Libby might have hit the nail on the head with signing her up for these camps. 

How have you been spending the week? Let us know. 


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