Friday, 24 July 2015

Friday's News

Happy Friday Folks!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday.

Product hangover. Ever had it? no I am not talking about a product that you enjoyed so much that the next day your head hurts from using it or working on it too long. I am talking about that one product your creating that you start working on and then shelve it for awhile thinking you will get back to it after a day or two. Well Jeff finally finished one of those product hangovers except this one wasn't a day or two sitting on the shelf. It sat there for close to a month or two. However, it is finally done and will probably be up in the store sometime late next week after some editing. 

We are also looking to being off the electrical grid for the next few days as we head up north to the great outdoors of a cottage with Secondgradeaclious. It should be good times. 

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