Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Do You EDpuzzle?

We are just about a month away from being back in the classroom. I know groan! For some of you eager Beavers you are probably starting to prepare for the coming school year and thinking about what kind of new things you can bring to the room to excite and engage your students. Well, here is a great tool if you haven't discovered it already and it's called EDpuzzle. (seriously they have the best ads on Twitter)

EDpuzzle is a great tool for bringing engagement in and out of the classroom. Best of all it's FREE! I first discovered EDpuzzle when I attended a talk by Kevin Brookhouser who talked about the concept of flipped classrooms. If your are wondering what flipped classrooms are here is a great post describing it much better then I ever could possibly. It is a new trend starting to develop and I think it has some great merit.

When I learned about EDpuzzle I quickly created  an account and thought about how I could use it with my classes. At the time I was teaching three different sections of grade 4 science and it worked marvellously. With ED puzzle you can

take already existing videos through Google, Youtube, Vimeo or any other video site and make them apply to your classroom and the content you are teaching. One of the great things is that you can control the video be shortening, recording your own voice over it, inserting your own questions or even make it as an assessment. Here is the beauty of it. Any answer the student completes it automatically comes to you and you can mark it or already have the answers inserted into the video so your students get INSTANT FEEDBACK! I know wow right.

I used it with as a great test review and also as some homework and discussion starters in my class. I allowed students to access it in class with the use of Chromebooks or when we are where in the computer lab. The results where magnificent and led to success with many of my students that often struggled with pen and paper tasks. It was the differentiated instruction that they desperately needed. I saw confidence grow in students that I never saw before.
I would highly suggest getting familiar with this amazing tool. Give them a follow on a twitter as well as they have great tweets about all the cool things going on with their great site. 

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