Friday, 4 March 2016

Friday's News

It's another week in the books and one more week closer to the warm, sunny spring days that make outdoor classes possible.

It's been a pretty eventful week in both of our classrooms but in particular Jeff's class as he started a lot of new things with his class. His class and their passion projects have really started to his their full stride. One of his groups hosted a cupcake sale within the school for the Humane Society and it was a great success in that they raised a little over $1,000.

He also started his new Pulleys and Gears unit in Science. This is what his students seem to know already about Pulleys and Gears with their Mind Map.

He also started his new anti-smoking unit in health. It's a personal favourite of his as he gets to see how creative his students are as they create an anti-smoking campaign to encourage people to either quit smoking or to never take up the habit. He lets them do it an any form of media they would like.
Finally, he created a new project for his class to connect with their class read aloud of "Hatchet". The students are going to create a movie trailer for the book to practice their summarizing and media literacy skills.

How did you survive the week?

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