Friday, 11 March 2016

Friday's News

Well, spring break is upon us. Finally!! Not sure if your students have been as off the wall as some of ours but it has been a week similar to the week before Christmas holidays. Anyhow here is how our week unfolded.

Students in Jeff's health class started doing research on their anti-smoking campaigns. 
It's amazing some of the facts they are finding and recording. 

His class also had a special quest visit with the Humane Society. 

As you can tell the students loved it. The dog well he was pretty tired from all the attention the students gave him. 

Jeff conducted his first Readers Bistro to a roaring success. The student had the most engaging book talks they have conducted all year. 

He also started Pulleys and Gears and had his class build some pulley systems that could lift 200 grams. Here are some videos of there attempts. 

Finally, Jeff had one of his students build a robotic arm just for the sake of building something fun. Have to love students like that. 
Tell us how did your week go? 

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