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Hi There, First off welcome to RclassroomsRus, as advertised we are a husband and wife team. Yes, I know what you’re thinking how can one house have a wife and husband who both work as teachers and also run a website together and yet still be happily married. We sometimes wonder the same thing but, we manage to get through our day like most teachers and that’s with lots of coffee!!! Together we have 10+ years of teaching experience. The manager in the house has done a majority of it. Yes we are like most households and the Mrs. runs things here. Libby has spent a good chunk of her teaching experience in the primary grades with some dabbling in Special Education. She has taken several additional qualification courses and has specialized in Kindergarten and Special Education. Combined with her knowledge of what works with primary students and her specializations she knows what makes a primary student tick and what can help them get through their day and school year. Jeff is new to the teaching profession joining a few years ago after spending most of his days in advertising knowing that he missing out on one of the best professions possible. He’s one of those rare things in the teaching world, a male qualified to teach primary/junior. He’s worked with anyone from Kindergarten to Grade 8. After a year of Kindergarten he decided that he would rather stick to the junior aged kids. Yep he admitted defeat and that all Kindergarten teachers should get paid more than principals. Over the past year he’s also focused on getting his specialization in special education and developing literacy programs for boys. Together, we have a four-year daughter who sometimes makes us thinks she is turning 16. She is full of fun and reminds us constantly why we got into teaching in the first place and that is to make a difference in kids’ lives daily.

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