Friday, 19 September 2014

Five for Friday

This week we are linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for their Five for Friday linky party.

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This week we decided to look at Fairy Tales.  I read the class this book...

After reading Once Upon a Time we created a mind map of all the important tools Fairy Tales use.

Then we brainstormed ideas for each "tool".  For example, students who brainstormed Setting came up with various places a Fairy Tale could take place (e.g., home, cottage, etc.)

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This week we focused on pronouns.  We talked about how a pronoun can take the place of a noun.

Our weekly words... 


Next, we had a mini lesson on how we can use pronouns in the place of nouns. 

Students came up one at a time to tell me what pronoun we could use in place of a noun. 

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Over the next few weeks many schools will be focusing on Terry Fox and raising money for cancer.  Students will be bringing in Toonies for Terry over the next few weeks.  Our goal is to raise $600.  Our principal will be taking a pie to the face if we can meet our goal of $600.  What a good sport. 

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This week Jeff and I have been hard at work getting some packages ready for our students.  Since I work with kindergartens in the afternoon I was inspired to create a letter and letter sound practice worksheets.

Students will be able to practice their letter writing as well as look for pictures that start with the letter of focus.  
Letter Practice and Letter Sound

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Here's what Jeff has been working on...

A full science unit on Habitats and Communities. 
Science- Habitats and Communities

Ok.  Now off for some PD day training.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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