Friday, 13 February 2015

Friday's News

Light and sound is one of my favourite science subjects to teach period. I love it so much because typically when students hear they are going to study light and sound they give you this look that is similar to that look you had when you got socks as a Christmas gift as a kid. It's one of "Gee thanks this will be fun". However, the reality is typically by the end of the unit the kids are itching for more. The reason is simple though. It's because of the hands on experiments they get to complete during the unit. We recently put out a light and sound unit out in our store. The following pictures are from experiments we conducted this past week in class. 

In this experiment students are studying reflection and what colours produce the best reflectors 

Here students are experimenting with sound and watching how vibrations work.

Students are doing a reflection experiment with a laser light

Here students are seeing if light does truly travel in a straight line. 

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