Friday, 20 February 2015

Friday's News

Happy Friday!

Well, I hope most of you are managing to stay warm. We are having some rather balmy temperatures of, -41F yep you read that right. It is just slightly cold here (smell the sarcasm). Anyhow, enough complaining about the weather and onto what is keeping us busy in the classroom. 

Last week, we talked about our light and sound unit that we are selling on our site. Well, in discussing vibrations I had my students complete guitars and discussed the greats from George Harrison to Slash and how they made their guitars do some truly amazing things. Some of the students have a future in guitar building I think. The rule was they could make the guitar out of anything they could find in their recycling bins. So we saw lots of yogurt and margine containers and elastic bands. It was a great jam session. 

We have also been discussing personal safety lately in health. One of the tasks I assigned the class was to make a PSA about a topic in personal safety on the app Garageband on iPad. It was amazing to see how quickly the kids learned the app and concept of creating a PSA. Their writing and scripts met the criteria of hitting their target audience of students the same age. I highly suggest exploring the app. 

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